Disney Character Warehouse Locations

Disney Character Warehouse Locations: If you have traveled to Disney Parks, you can agree with me Disney merchandise can really be expensive. The Disney vacation trip itself is already denting your wallet. It is therefore good to know where you can get Disney merchandise at affordable prices.

Knowing where the Disney Character Warehouse outlets are located will save you a lot of money. These Disney character warehouse stores offer genuine Disney characters at discounted rates. You can also check on How Much to Budget for Food at Disney World

Disney Character Warehouse Locations

If you are wondering where to get official Disney parks merchandise at a discount, then you have come to the right place. The Disney Character Warehouse will save you money on getting the Official Disney Parks souvenirs.

What is the Disney Character Warehouse? 

The Disney Character Warehouse is an outlet store that sells merchandise from the Disney Parks at discount prices.

The Disney Character Warehouse is totally different from the Disney Store. Both stores sell genuine Disney merchandise. The Disney Character Warehouse gets its stock from the different stores around the Disney Parks.

Therefore at Disney Character Warehouse, you will be able to get authentic Disney Park merchandise from all Disney-owned franchises, this includes Star Wars, Mickey and Friends, and Marvel, among other items.

Any extra cost eats up your Disney vacation budget, therefore the Disney Character Warehouse comes in to save you that extra coin.

The Disney Character Warehouse will make your dream come true; it will enable you to get your Disney Parks merchandise.

At Disney Character Warehouse you will not only find items from Disneyland and Disney World but items from Disney destinations such as Disney Cruise lines and Aulani.

Disney Character Warehouse Outlets were initially a secret but nowadays they are gaining popularity and more people and visiting the store.

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Where is the Disney Character Warehouse?

You can find the Disney Character Warehouse in the Orlando area. There are two locations and both are close to Walt Disney World.

One of the Disney character warehouse in Orlando is situated at Orlando International Premium Outlets and the other is at Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets.

These two locations are in outlet shopping malls. You can easily visit it while you are doing your shopping.

It is always good to visit one of these stores to know what they are offering, you never know you might find a good product at a very discounted price compared with the Disney Parks.

Orlando International Premium Outlets

Orlando International Premium Outlets is an amazing place to shop the Disney characters. This Disney Character Warehouse location is set in an ideal location and is closest to the main Walt Disney World gate. At this location, you will find a selection of different items to choose from.

When buying the item, always check if it’s in good condition and if you fear it might break when in transit, the Disney Character Warehouses can pack the delicate item for you.

Since the merchandise is already discounted, there is no way you are going to find it online. It also does not have the Annual Pass discount. There is also no option for the items being shipped to you or your home.

4951 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets

Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets is situated near Disney Springs. This is the best Disney character warehouse to go shopping if you are near this location.

The items at this Disney character warehouse outlet always sell faster because there are many people in this area. If you are driving, depending on the day, you might also not get a place to park your vehicle.

This store has some unique and amazing T-shirts that you will love.


8200 Vineland Ave #1252, Orlando, FL 32821

Which Character Warehouse Is Closest to Disney World Resort?

The Closest Character Warehouse to Disney World Resort is the Vineland outlet.

How many Disney character warehouses are there?

There are two Disney character warehouses. One at the Orlando International Premium Outlets and the other at Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets.

Is Disney Character Warehouse cheaper?

The Disney Character Warehouse sells the overstock of official parks merchandise for heavily discounted prices, making it cheaper.

How long is the wait for character warehouse?

There is no specific time for waiting. The amount of time to wait mainly depends on the number of people shopping at that particular time.

Where Are Orlando’s Disney Character Warehouses?

Orlando’s Disney Character Warehouses are located at Orlando International Premium Outlets and Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets.