Drive In Movie Theater Florida

Drive in Movie Theater Florida: Searching for Drive-In Movie Theaters in Florida? Florida is home to some of the World’s largest drive-in movie theaters. It is also home to some of the oldest surviving drive-in movie theaters.

This cozy and strategically located drive-in theater offers a perfect getaway to enjoy that movie night. It is a romantic way to enjoy a movie with your partner. If you plan to spend your night in Florida, check out some of the best All Inclusive Family Resorts in Florida

Drive In Movie Theater Florida

If you are searching for a throwback night there are a number of Drive-In Movie Theaters in Florida that will provide you with an amazing experience under the stars.

There are quite a number of drive-in movie theatres in Florida that light up the big screens at night and help you to step back in time and enjoy the fun.

The affordability of the drive-in theaters in Florida attracts regular customers. The drive-in movie theater offers a perfect area for the whole family to enjoy a movie at an affordable price.

The Rapid change in technology has greatly affected Drive-In Movie Theaters. Now people can watch movies from the comfort of their homes.

In Florida, the surviving drive-in movie theaters are clustered around Tampa Bay, some are located in South Florida.

Below you will find some of the Drive-In Movie Theater in Florida

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Ruskin Family Drive-in Theatre

Ruskin Family Drive-in Theatre is known to offer great movie experiences. It is a perfect destination for a family who would want to watch a drive-in movie. The food at Ruskin Family Drive-in Theatre is also awesome.

Ruskin Family Drive-in Theatre features a 2,000-square-foot screen snack bar, clean restrooms, and a clean parking lot.

The movie is open throughout the year. Any time of the year is movie time.

Ruskin Family Drive-in Theatre is a family-oriented drive-in theatre; therefore you will be much more comfortable watching a movie with your kids. It is also well known as the Last family drive-in in the U.S.A., because dating couples, single parents with children, families, the old, and everyone else come and watch a movie.

Alcohol or drugs is not allowed on the premises.

Ocala Drive-in Theatre

Ocala Drive-in Theatre is Open 7 Nights a Week including all holidays. The gates at Ocala Drive-in Theatre are scheduled to open one hour before the movie starts, but sometimes it opens early to avoid vehicles lining up all the way to the highway.

To receive the sound or listen to the movie, the sound is transmitted to an FM radio station, any device that is around able to pick the frequency you will be able to listen to the movie.

Silver Moon Drive-in Theatre

Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre is one of the best movie theaters in Florida. The Drive-In Theatre has been in Lakeland, Florida for more than 70 years. It is the last drive-in theatre in Polk County and it’s not closing soon. It is here to stay.

Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre is Pet friendly. Leashes and well-behaved pets are welcome at the theater. The Grassy areas around the theatre are perfect for pet walking.

The Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre shows its movie on two screens seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre is situated about one hour west of Orlando. It is also close to a number of family amusement attractions in Central Florida.

Silver moon drive-in theatre Lakeland Florida, charges are $7 for Adults; $3 for Kids 4-9; under 4 years free, which is subject to change.

Joy-Lan Drive-in Theatre

Joy-Lan Drive-In Theatre has been in Dade City, Florida for more than seventy years. The theater offers some of the best drive-in movies. You will get the best and most thrilling movies that you can enjoy with your family. All you have to do is to drive in and pay for the movie.