Facts about Dallas Texas

Facts about Dallas Texas: There are a lot of interesting things about Dallas.

Today we are going to look at Facts about Dallas Texas

Facts about Dallas Texas

Find interesting facts about Dallas, including history, trivia, facts for kids, and the Dallas Cowboys.

How Big Is Dallas Texas

The area of Dallas Texas is 999.5 km²

What Is the Population of Dallas Texas

The population of Dallas, Texas is 1,304,379. It is the ninth most populous city in the U.S. as per the 2020 Census.

Location in Dallas Texas

Dallas is situated in the Central Time Zone in North Central Texas, about 35 miles east of Fort Worth, 245 miles north, northwest of Houston, and 300 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico.

Highest Elevation in Dallas

Elevation: 870+ feet, 265+ meters

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Is Dallas a city?

Yes. Dallas is the state’s third-most populous city after Houston and San Antonio.

What County Is Dallas Texas Located In?

It is located in the county of Dallas.

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Dallas is easily accessible from different cities as it is centrally located.

Below is how a table of accessibility from different cities.

City Miles Drive Time
Austin, TX 195 3 hours
Fort Worth, TX 30 40 min.
Houston, TX 240 4 hours
Kansas City, MO 489 8½ hours
Little Rock, AR 320 5 hours
Memphis, TN 452 8½ hours
New Orleans, LA 520 8 hours
Oklahoma City, OK 207 3½ hours
San Antonio, TX 275 4½ hours
Shreveport, LA 187 3 hours
Texarkana, TX 180 3 hours
Topeka, KS 501 8 hours
Tulsa, OK 258 4½ hours
Wichita, KS 363 6 hours

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How many Airports does Dallas Have

Dallas has 2 airports. The Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport (DFW) serves as headquarters to the world’s largest carrier, American Airlines, and the Dallas Love (DAL)  airport which is home to the world’s biggest low-cost carrier, Southwest.

Which is the tallest cowboy in Texas?

Big Tex is the tallest statue in Dallas, standing at 55-foot tall. It is the marketing icon of the annual State Fair of Texas held at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

How Many Days A Year Does It Rain in Dallas

Annually, Dallas experiences about 80 Days of precipitation and receives 36.14 inches of precipitation.

Dallas Fun Facts

  • Dallas is the third-largest city in the US state of Texas, after San Antonio and Houston.
  • Dallas Fort Worth is the largest metropolitan area in the US that is not on a major body of water.
  • The Galleria Dallas is home to the tallest indoor Christmas tree.
  • Dallas is the northernmost major city in the state of Texas.
  • The official abbreviation for Dallas Texas is DTX
  • The highest temperature to be ever recorded in Dallas was 113 °F (45°C) in the year 1980, while the lowest was −3°F (−19°C) in the year 1930.
  • Dallas became an important center for the cotton trade in the 1870sand by the late 19th century it was the largest inland cotton market in the United States.
  • The largest model train exhibit in the country can be found in Dallas.
  • The Dallas Public Library displays one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence.