How Far Is SeaWorld from Disney World

How Far Is Seaworld from Disney World? Planning your vacation in Orlando, Florida, and wondering how far is Seaworld from Disneyland? Florida offers some of the best theme parks that you can explore. The good thing most of these Florida theme parks are close to each other and you can easily combine or visit them on the same day.

In this article, we are going to look at how far is Seaworld from Disney World and how to travel between SeaWorld and Walt Disney World.

How Far Is SeaWorld from Disney World

SeaWorld is about 6 miles from Disney World which is about 15 minutes drive depending on the traffic. SeaWorld is situated at 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821, United States, and Walt Disney World is 1375 E Buena Vista Drive, Orlando, FL, 32830.

The fastest way to get from SeaWorld Orlando to Walt Disney World is to:-

  • Get on I-4 W
  • Continue on I-4 W to Lake Buena Vista. Take exit 67 from I-4 W
  • Continue on E Buena Vista Dr to your destination
  • Then you will be at 1375 Buena Vista Dr Orlando, FL 32830, USA

There are other routes that you can use from Disney World to get to SeaWorld. A good number of them are easy and the direction is not complicated.

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How to Get From Disney World to SeaWorld  

There are different ways that you can use to travel from Disney World to SeaWorld. These means of transportation of travel are easy and ideal for families with children.

Drive Your Private Vehicle

If you are driving your own vehicle, you can easily get from Disney World to SeaWorld at any time you want. This is the most convenient and easy method. If you are driving your own vehicle it will be easy to move from one point to another without restrictions.

If you live within Orlando or a few hours of central Florida, it is easy to drive your car to get to this family vacation. Therefore you will easily drive from Walt Disney World to SeaWorld with ease.

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By use of Rental

The other way you can get from Disney World to SeaWorld is by use of a rental car. There are families that prefer renting out a car when they are going for a vacation. A rental car will give you the flexibility you need to move from one point to another anytime you feel like it. The roads from Disney World to SeaWorld or from SeaWorld to Disney World are well marked and therefore chances of getting lost are very small.

Uber and Lyft

If you don’t have your own vehicle or don’t want to rent a car, the other option to move from Disneyland to SeaWorld is by the use of Uber or Lyft. You can order a vehicle using an app, and indicate the pickup point and the drop-off point. The car will come to pick you up and drop you at your destination. All you will have to do is to pay a small fee depending on the distance and traffic.

For this option, you will need to make sure you order a vehicle that can fit all the family members who are on vacation.


You can also use a taxi to get from Disney World to SeaWorld. This option might be a little expensive compared to Uber or Lyft. There are a number of Taxis that offer transportation within Orlando.

Public Transportation

This is another option that you can use to get to Seaworld from Disney World. It is one of the cheapest ways of getting from Disney World to Seaworld. The downside with this option, you will take more time.

Use Hotel Shuttles

There are hotels that offer shuttle services to these theme parks. There are hotels that offer shuttle services to SeaWorld, Disney World, Universal, and other attractions. When making your hotel reservations, check if the hotel does offer free shuttle services to different attractions.

Car Service or Limo

You can opt to give your family a surprise by booking a car service or a limousine to take your family from Disneyland to SeaWorld. There are a number of companies that offer this kind of service in Orlando at an affordable price.

SeaWorld to Disney World

The best way to get from Disney World to SeaWorld mainly depends on your family’s needs and how fast you would like to get from one point to another. Always weigh the available options and check which option is ideal for your family.