How Many Hidden Mickeys Are In Disney World

How Many Hidden Mickeys Are in Disney World? One of the fun things to do in the four theme parks and around Walt Disney World in Florida is the search for the Hidden Mickeys. There are Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World and one of the most exciting things is spotting them.

Searching for Hidden Mickeys is fun and makes time to go faster if you are in long ride queues. The Hidden Mickeys can be spotted on attractions across Disney World; they are also dotted across the parks and resorts.

How to Find Hidden Mickeys in Disney World

There are more than 1,000 Hidden Mickeys across Walt Disney World.

This number is not constant. The number of Hidden Mickeys keeps on changing. Some Hidden Mickeys can be spotted during the holiday decorations that are displayed seasonally or during festivals and events. There are also new developments or renovations done from time to time which makes the number of hidden mickeys in Disney World change.

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What are Hidden Mickeys

A Hidden Mickey is an image or an impression of Mickey Mouse. It is mainly the outline of his head and ears. The images or impressions are strategically placed to blend with the background around the parks and resorts.

A Hidden Mickey image or impression can be of any size. Their main purpose is to keep someone busy or entertained while searching for them. If you come across one, you will be surprised how it was hidden from your eyes.

Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World

Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World can be hidden anywhere, sometimes there is no specific place to look for them. You need to be on the lookout all the time in order to see them. There is nothing as magical as when you spot Hidden Mickey.

There are those that you can easily spot, they are not so hidden Mickeys, while the others require a little bit of detective work to spot.

The hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World below are not all that are found at Disney World. These are just a few that will give you a start on the search for the hidden Mickeys.

Hidden Mickeys in Magic Kingdom

Astro Orbiter

  • On the extreme side, search for an indentation in the cement
  • Have a closer look at the side facing Space Mountain
  • You will see a Hidden Mickey

The Haunted Mansion

  • Look at the border around a portrait in the first room of the entrance
  • In the ballroom scene look at the arrangement of plates and adjoining saucers on the banquet table
  • The graveyard scene, on the left hand of the grim reaper, forms a Mickey outline with his fingers

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

  • Search for the Hidden Mickey at the continents on the planet on your right as you enter
  • Search for the same on the left of the planet.
  • In the space video game search for the Hidden Mickey
  • On the ride, look to the left in the room with the batteries

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  • Look at the 3 rusty gears lying on the grass as you reenter the station

Jungle Cruise

  • Search for the hidden Mickey on the Side of plane
  • On the Temple, look at the arrangement of three plates

Columbia Harbor House

  • In the Main dining room on the framed map on the wall, you will see three circular sections that look like Mickey.

Liberty Tree Tavern

  • On the Rear wall of the waiting area search for the hidden Mickey

Splash Mountain Hidden Mickey

At Splash Mountain you will easily see the hidden Mickey on the cover of the telephone boxes that are used by the attraction’s Hosts and Hostesses

Hidden Mickey Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

At the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride you will be able to see the Hidden Mickeys at the Treasure Room.

Epcot Hidden Mickeys

The American Adventure

  • In the Lobby on the painting of a wagon train heading west, above the front leg of the foremost oxen, you will see the hidden Mickey.

The Land

  • Living with the Land check if you will be able to spot Mickey in the middle of the mural in the queue.
  • You will also be able to spot three circles near the bottom of the mural directly across from the loading area which looks something like Mickey.
  • On the Circle of Life look at the baseball cap of the man driving a harvester
  • On the Circle of Life check on the small stones in front of the Native-American man on a horse.


  • In the “Impressions de France”  in the background of the wedding party scene, look at the center of the second-floor window of the house.

Hollywood Studios Hidden Mickeys

Hollywood Plaza

  • On the plaza and surrounding buildings in front of the Chinese Theater when viewed from above, you will see the Mickey.

The Disney Studio Store

  • At the center of the shop look for three circular platforms

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

  • At the entrance area just before you go enter on main balcony designs
  • Look at the Library on sheet music
  • Look at the Library video, the little girl in the elevator holding a MICKEY MOUSE plush
  • At the doors to the final drop, in a swirl of stars

Hollywood and Vine

  • Look at the mural wall

Galaxy’s Edge

At the Galaxy’s Edge look for the Hidden Mickeys at the blaster holes and marks on the outside of the walls.

Hollywood Studios

The Hollywood Studios itself is more like a big Hidden Mickey

Hidden Mickeys in Animal Kingdom

Conservation Station

  • At the Conservation Station, the main building features more than 25 Hidden Mickeys. Be on the lookout as you will easily be able to spot them. In the entrance mural, look in the eyes of animals, on butterfly and insect wings and bodies as well as in the tree trunks of the rain forest you will be able to see the hidden Mickeys.
  • In the Neonatal Care section at the back of the rooms, you will be able to spot the Hidden Mickeys.

Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures

The Mr. Imagination cement dinosaur sculpture which is situated just outside the store on the right side of the dino’s neck is a gold Steamboat Willie pin.

Cretaceous Trail

Try checking on the back of the large red and green “picture” dinosaur, you will notice there is a hidden Mickey.