How Much to Budget for Food at Disney World

How Much to Budget for Food at Disney World: One of the main expenses for families while on vacation is food. It doesn’t matter where you are going on vacation, you will always need food.

But, how much you do need to budget for food at Disney World? This is a question that most travelers to Disneyworld always ask. Let us find out how much you should budget for food at Disney World.

How Much to Budget for Food at Disney World

Food at Walt Disney World might not be that cheap, as most of the things always come at a premium cost. When going on vacation to Disney World it is always important to budget for food. When you know the rough estimate for food, it will be easier for you to budget for food. This will help you save, and know what you are likely to use in advance.

One way to manage on food budget at Disney World is to book all-inclusive family resorts. This way your meals will be included in your accommodation booking. You will only need to purchase when you are not within the resort.

The budget for food at Disney World is about $50 per day per adult and $30 per child. However, there are a number of factors that may cause the figure to change. The figure can go up or down depending on the season, restaurant, or type of food.

When planning for your food budget in Disney World Florida, you will need to know different restaurants in Disney World. This will help you in understanding the food budget for your Disney family vacation and where to buy the food at an affordable price.

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Places To Buy Food at Disney World

Disney World offers many dining options for guests to choose from. Find some of the various categories of eateries and restaurants where to buy food at Disney World.

Table Service Restaurants

There are a number of table service restaurants in Walt Disney World where you can sample the food. This is where as a family you sit at a table and a server comes to your table to take your order.

The prices for table service restaurants vary from restaurant to restaurant across Disney property. At the restaurant level, they are further broken down to the average per-person cost of dining.

The amazing thing is that a good number of restaurants at Walt Disney World feature a children’s menu with kid-friendly foods which are sold at an affordable price.

If you want to do the Table Service Restaurants it is always best to make reservations in advance. A good number of restaurants always open their online reservations platform 60 days in advance.

Food Kiosks

Food Kiosks are situated across the park. They offer minimal or specialized menus that you can enjoy. Some of the food kiosks offer one or two menus only. They are ideal if you would want to have a quick meal.


There are shops that are strategically situated across the park where you can purchase packaged foods. They also sell snacks and candies.

How Much Is Breakfast at Disney World

The budget for breakfast at Walt Disney World is very important, this will enable you to get your morning meal and the energy you need before jumping into the park for more experience.

Almost all the quick-service restaurants serve breakfast. Here you will get the normal breakfast. The Quick service breakfast cost is about $12 for adults and $8 for kids. 

You can also enjoy your breakfast at the table service restaurants. The breakfast at table service restaurants is a bit expensive compared to the quick services. Here you can budget for at least $20 for adults and $12 for children per person.

If you are planning to have character dining breakfasts, the price ranges from $35-$59.99 per person.

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How Much Is Lunch at Disney World

If you have small kids, after the morning fun and lots of activities at the park, they are bound to feel hungry. You will need to buy them lunch and that’s why you need to know how much to budget for lunch at Disney World. You can opt to have your lunch at one of the table-service restaurants in Disney World. Each restaurant has its own menu and the price for lunch may vary depending on the menu.

You also have the option of taking your lunch outside the park where the prices for lunch are cheap.

At Quick Service restaurants Lunch for adults is about $12 and for Kids $7

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How Much Is Dinner at Disney World

After a long tiresome day full of fun, you will need to Budget for Dinner at Walt Disney World. The Dinner menus at Disney restaurants both quick-service and table service are the same as lunch. Therefore whatever you budget for lunch you should also budget almost the same amount for dinner or slightly more.

How much should I budget for food at Disney World?

The amount of money that you should budget for food at Disney World can vary from one family to another. There are families that might be interested in having more fun and rides than the meals, while others might be interested in sampling the foods.

No matter the situation, you will need to budget for food so as to have an amazing experience.