Things to Do in Fort Myers with Kids

Things to Do in Fort Myers with Kids: Fort Myers is a gateway to the Southwest Florida region and one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. It is a superb place to visit if you are searching for a major tourist destination in Florida. For someone going for a vacation at Fort Myers, you will not have to find it difficult to find some of the activities you can enjoy with your kids. In fact, there are lots of kid-friendly activities that will leave your kids happy and looking forward to the next vacation.

If you are searching for family things to do in Fort Myers or Fort Myers activities for families, then you came to the right place.

Things to Do in Fort Myers with Kids

If you are wondering, what to do in Fort Myers with family, then you found the solution right here. Find family things to do in Fort Myers.

IMAG History and Science Center

IMAG History & Science Center which was previously known as Imaginarium Science Center is a practical science and aquarium museum located in the heart of Fort Myers. You kids will love the exhibitions of dinosaurs and fossils, Living Lab that has hundreds of living animals, Calusa culture, touch tanks, and interactive shows about science and scientific topics. In addition, there is a scheduled 3D movie and the museum has offers for summer camp.

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Salty Sam’s Pirate Cruise

Kids of all ages love the fun and the excitement that comes with visiting pirate cruises. The fun in this cruise is majorly based on pirates’ stories, games, music, dancing, treasure hunts, and many more.

The approximate time for the cruise is 90 minutes and you can make your trip even more outstanding by upgrading to one of their Kid’s Souvenir Packages that come with (Child boarding pass, Pirate booty bag with coins, eye patch Pirate hat, and a Mini Cutlass or Little Buccaneer Package (Child boarding pass, Pirate bandanna, Dagger, and Eye patch.

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Relax on Beach and have relaxing walks

You cannot visit Fort Myers and fail to experience the beautiful sunrise and sunset. The waters of this beach are warm most of the year, not forgetting the seven-mile beach on a barrier island which is one of the best in Sunshine State.

Your kids will love collecting sea shells on the white sand as they swim in the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Typically, the beach is safe due to the calm wave, clear waters, and the gentle slope of the beach.

Captiva Cruises’ Dolphin Watch & Wildlife Adventure Cruise

Another memorable must-do activity in Fort Myers is the beautiful and memorable cruise with the view of the dolphins. At Captiva Cruises’ Dolphin Watch & Wildlife Adventure Cruise, your whole family will have sunset cruises and sailing cruises. Their most outstanding cruise is the evening cruise which lasts for approximately one hour and thirty minutes.  On this cruise, you will have an ocean encounter with dolphins at close range and a calm view of the sunset as the waters give you a scenic view.

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

In a child’s words, exploration is a word always in their thoughts. Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens in Fort Myers clearly understands the exploration nature in kids. That is why you will find hundreds of animals in their zoo. Although this zoo is a non-profit organization they actually do a great deal of work in rehabilitation and preservation.

Not only will your child have the hands-on experience of feeding the giraffe, but they will also see animals such as lions, leopards, monkeys, turtles, pythons, bears, and many more.

Butterfly Estate

The 3600-square-foot butterfly conservancy in Downtown Fort Myers River District will allow your kids to have a natural encounter with butterflies at close range. From this conservancy, you find native butterfly species and get educated on how to create an environment that promotes the lives of butterflies as well as the amazing life cycle of butterflies.

Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation

Another memorable activity in Fort Myers is the visit to Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation. This conservation allows you to have a real experience with nature at its best. You will be able to see unique features and plants in the most undisturbed way.

Some of the places you will be able to visit in Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation include their Native landscapes and Garden center, shop for local honey, and native plants, SCCF T-shirts, and a view of native landscaping at Bailey Homestead Preserve, etc.

SCCF’s programs have grown over the years to include the Sanibel Sea School, Wildlife & Habitat Management, Native Landscapes & Garden Center, Sea Turtle & Shorebird Research and Monitoring, Environmental Policy, and a Marine Laboratory.

Manatee Park

You cannot mention great activities in Fort Myer without mentioning Manatee Park. It is one of the superb places for children and their families. The warm waters create a good home for the manatees which are commonly known as the sea cows.

The greatest months to see manatees are the winter months. You can actually rent from the Manatee Kayaking Company to have a close experience with the manatees.

Smugglers Cove Mini Golf

The experience in Smugglers Cove Mini Golf is memorable for both adults and kids. Visitors have recommended this place as a place where you get the extra fun. To begin with, their 18-hole mini golf courses are well maintained and it has a pirate theme including pirate ships, waterfalls, and caves. The mini-golf courses come with a home setup for the alligators, and you expect to feed some huge alligators

Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples

Are you looking for a kid’s museum with interactive sessions for your kids? Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples offers more than a learning experience for your children. It has 12 family fun exhibits like the Inventioneer’s Lab, veterinary clinic adopt-a-pet, World Café, Journey Through the Everglades, Race to Space, and many more

Their exhibitions help kids and parents make a journey to distant lands like Germany, Thailand, and England. Additionally, they can create experiences that allow one to become a farmer, engineer, veterinarian, and much more!

Conclusion: Things to Do in Fort Myers with Kids

There are numerous more activities you can do in Fort Myers. The activities listed above are some of the best. Others can include a visit to Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium, Lakes Park, Sun-N-Fun Lagoon, and more. No matter the season, a visit to Fort Myers will leave you and your family looking forward to other vacation activities.