Things to Do In Las Vegas with Kids

Things to Do In Las Vegas With Kids: The notion in the majority of people’s minds is that there are simply adult activities in Vegas. The truth is that there are also many fun things in Vegas for families. In fact, there are more family activities in Las Vegas than you can ever imagine.

To be more precise we have complied a list of the best family-friendly things to do in Las Vegas. Our list of these activities is based on global ranking and personal reviews by guests or travelers who visited most of these places

Things to Do In Las Vegas With Kids

Find some of the best family-friendly things to do in las vegas.

Tournament of Kings

One of the unique things you can do in Las Vegas is enjoy your dinner as you watch the tournament of Kings.

As a parent, you could be wondering if Tournament of Kings is friendly for kids? The answer is yes. This tournament is created considering the needs of kids. Based on the tales of King Arthur, this live station is done in a 900-seat theater.

Your family will enjoy taking their dinner in a 900-seat theater while watching knights fight to show their power and strength. Exceptionally your dinner will be eaten in its most original form, using your hands, with no special cutlery. This place will give your kids a preview of the ancient life of knight fights.

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Adventuredome Theme Park at Circus Circus

Ever seen a 5-acre indoor amusement park? Well, Adventuredome Theme Park at Circus is huge that one payment of a one-off ticket you can enjoy 25 rides inside the beautiful park.

Kids of all age groups love the experience they get from these rides. The young ones can get the junior tickets that have kids’ friendly rides. The older and bold kids can get on daredevil rides, they will love every drop, twist, and turn!

Adventuredome theme park rides include canyon blaster, El Loco, Chaos, Angry Birds: The Ride, Inverter, Sand Pirates, Frog Hopper, Circus Carousel, Circus Carousel, and many more.

The High Roller observation wheel in Las Vegas

The High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas will allow you and your family to have scenic 360 views of the area at an elevated height of 550 ft. There is no doubt that this observation wheel is one of the largest in North America.

The rides on this observation wheel take one hour so you can be assured you will have enough time to take photos and observe life in Las Vegas from a bird’s eye view

The 28 pods in High Roller Las Vegas has adequate air conditioners and are spacious enough to hold 40 people. Kids 6 years and below accesses the ride for free.

As one of the attractions in Las Vegas, you cannot fail to visit this place. The experience is unforgettable and you will learn a lot from the guide in the pods

The Tank Las Vegas

The Tank is a pool at the Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas. The swimming experience in The tank is one of the attractions for kids in Vegas. Not only is the pool family-friendly the kids will be thrilled by the slides which pass through an aquarium with 5 types of sharks. As the kids slide into the pool they will have the opportunity to see the shark at a close and safe range. This is an experience not likely to be found in many places, so when visiting Vegas, a visit to The Tank in Las Vega is a must.

Marvel Avengers Station Las Vegas

For a family that loves movies from Marvel, failure to visit Marvel Avengers Station in Las Vegas is a big no. Your kids will love every experience in this station. They will have the chance to see avengers’ equipment like weapons, labs, uniforms, and many more.

Additionally, you will be educated about the history, science technology, and genetics of characters like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America.

Adult tickets are $40 (12 years and above), children ages 4 to 11 are $30 each, and for those below 3 years’ entry is free. Tickets for the VIP experience are $9 extra.

Shark Reef Aquarium

Another thing to do in Las Vegas with kids is visiting Shark Reef Aquarium. One of the things that makes this aquarium great is that you and your family will have an amazing tour undersea via a tunnel surrounded by 14 shark habitats. The tunnel will make you feel like you’re having a real-life experience with the sharks and other fishes.

Another attraction in Shark Reef Aquarium, is the touch Pool, in this pool you are allowed to dip your fingers into the water and touch animals like giant rays, sharks, horseshoe crabs, and many others. The aquarium has more than 2,000 animals some include sharks, endangered green sea turtles, Komodo dragon, piranha just to name a few. You will also like a virtual reality theater that gives you an opportunity to swim with sharks.

Your safety is well catered for since it is the only Nevada aquarium credited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Their standards are top-notch and all the animals are well taken care of.

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

As an animal lover, you will love a visit to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. In this place, you will have a face-to-face experience with some of the most striking and majestic animals. Your kids will definitely love to discover, learn and play in a backyard occupied by animals like Dolphins, Bottlenose, White Lions White Tigers, and Leopards.

Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Ever imagined diving indoors? Well, you can find this activity in Vegas. This is also another family-friendly activity in Las Vegas or Las Vegas family attractions.  To many parents, shy diving is a no-go zone for their kids, but you can be assured this one is safe. First, it is indoor, so the weather does not play a role in diving.

There are enough skilled skydiving instructors and with one hour of training, you and your family will be in safe hands. Additionally, a thousand horsepower creates enough wind to facilitate your diving

This sky diving experience is weight limiting. To be able to handle the winds safely it is recommended one should not be below 40 pounds. The maximum weight is not fixed as it varies depending on one’s center of gravity.

Skydiving is not an everyday activity, once in Las Vegas you can grab the opportunity to have this lifetime experience.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

With most kids, you cannot go wrong with Chocolate. So a visit to a factory that makes some of the best chocolates in the world will be exciting. More so If your kids love chocolate, Ethel M Chocolate Factory is a place you cannot miss out. In this factory, you will get a chance to see all the goes behind the scene activities at Nevada’s gourmet chocolatier.

The exploration in this factory is free and it can be self-guided and you will be able to see the factory staff as they make the famous chocolates.

You can also take a stroll through the cactus garden where you will see the botanical desert landscape, with over 300 species of plants.

enjoy the self-guided chocolate viewing aisle and see how we make the best chocolates we know how to make.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation

Another fun thing to do in las vegas with kids is having a trip to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation. This is one of the best things to do away from the Las Vegas strip. There are beautiful landscapes in the area and you will have the opportunity to hike, camp, watch the wildlife, plants, and many more

There are 26 diverse trails that your family can discover. It is important to view them online before choosing the right path for your little hikers. Their visitors center provides you with adequate information about the geology of the canyons

Other notable but less engaging things to in Las Vegas include

Other notable but less engaging things to do in Las Vegas include

Neon Museum

Founded in 1996, the Neon Museum will give a view of beautiful and unique neon signs. The Neon Museum comprises Neon Boneyard, an assembly of restored and unrestored signs The museum also has public art and special exhibits.

Cirque du Soleil

Most people have heard about Cirque du Soleil for famous and extravagant stage shows. Once in Vegas you can take your family to Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil and you’ll have access to shows you might not see in your city.

Mirage Volcano

At MGM resort the Boom, Pow, and Wow is what clearly signifies the Mirage Volcona.  Their iconic front yard has more bang, more fireballs, and fascinating music from The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart and Indian tabla from Zakir Hussain. The booming explosions run all night from Monday to Sunday.

Fountains of Bellagio

The Fountains of Bellagio were intended to offer a relaxing and calming romance for your senses. Regardless of its complexity and beauty, you don’t pay any fee to see the fountain.  Your whole family will be wowed by each performance of the waters in the fountain

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas offers you a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip. The tower overlooks the Bellagio Fountains and its Restaurant combines has classic French cuisine and is perfect. Your kids will love the Las Vegas view from the tower and take pictures.

Conclusions: Things to Do In Las Vegas With Kids

In Las Vegas, the fun is never-ending. There are many fun things in Vegas for families. Some come at a fee while others like Fountains of Bellagio are free. Although there are many things to do on the Las Vegas strip, there are still others away from the strip. Your whole family will be thrilled by the majority of things to do in Vegas. As you make your choice, ensure to include some that we have listed above and you will not be disappointed.