Things to do in Long Beach with Kids

Things to do in Long Beach with Kids: Long Beach is not just any other beach in Southern California, it’s a place with lots of family activities. Today we have looked at 10 Things to do in Long Beach with Kids. There are enough attractions that will bring lots of fun for your kids if you are looking for a weekend getaway or a vacation.

These family things to do in Long beach will make your vacation more exciting and memorable.

Things to do in Long Beach with Kids

These long beach attractions for families are what you need to fill your holiday with fun. There are a lot of things to do with kids in long beach that will keep you entertained all day. Below are some long beach family activities that you can engage yourself in.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Are you planning to be among the 1.7 million visitors who visit the Aquarium of the Pacific? Well, if you are it is good to know that this is one of the best aquariums in the US and the biggest in Southern California.

There are about 12000 animals on display and over 100 exhibits. Some of the animals that you see include jellyfish, sharks, sea otters, sea lions, penguins, eels, and so much more.

Once you visit the aquarium your family will have much to enjoy including photos of the Northern Pacific Waters, lagoons of the tropical pacific, coral reefs, and many others.

To fully enjoy all that Aquarium of the Pacific has to offer, you will need approximately 3 hours.

Things to do at Aquarium of the Pacific

  • See the over 12000 animals
  • Visit the touch pools
  • Animal feeding programs
  • Stop for a bite at their café
  • Watch performing arts shows
  • Learn more about the marine life of the Pacific Ocean

Recommended Age

3 years and above

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The Queen Mary

Another famous and interesting thing to do with your kids on Long beach is to visit The Queen Mary. This real-life steamship was built in 1937 and it was used by soldiers in World war II. This ship retired to Long beach in 1967 and currently, it is a tourist attraction with a restaurant, hotel, and museum.

If you’re looking for a real true experience on a 1900 ship, the Queen Mary must be on your list of things to do.

Although you can have self-guided tours, a guided tour is the best since you will get to learn a lot from the tour guide.  One of the most famous tours is the ghost tour, which explores the mystic stories surrounding the Queen Mary.

Things to do the Queen Mary

  • Tour the isolation wards
  • See the aft machine rooms
  • Learn the history of this steam-ship
  • Explore the extraordinary myths surrounding the Queen Mary.
  • Take lots of photos

Recommended ages for kids

Kids ages 5-11

Harbor Breeze Cruises

If you are in Long Beach and you are considering having a view of the waters, then include Harbor Breeze Cruises on your list of things to do. This is a great and inexpensive way to take great photos of the surrounding environment on Long beach

This cruise is fun for kids and teens.

Things to do on Harbor Breeze Cruises

  • Enjoy the relaxing 45 minutes’ cruise
  • You will likely see the whales, dolphins, and seals
  • Tour around the various oil drilling islands

Recommended Ages for kids

4 years and above

Rosie The Riveter Park

This park will offer your family an opportunity to learn about the impact of women in world war II. It is one of the kid-friendly parks and your little one will enjoy the serene environment with lots of interesting educational materials

Things to do in Rosie the Riveter Park

  • Learn and enjoy the history of Rosie the Riveter
  • Learn about the role of civilians in world war II
  • Visit their gift shop
  • Enjoy occasionally hosted special events
  • Enjoy the beautiful displays

Recommended Ages for kids

All ages

Museum of Latin American Art

The Museum of Latin American Art is a good place to visit if you have some art enthusiasts in your family. In this museum, you will experience the unique culture of Latin America as it is the only museum in the US where you will find Latino art.

With over 13000 items on display, your whole family will have a lot of art to enjoy.

Things to do in the Museum of Latin American Art

  • Learn about Latin American Art
  • Explore different exhibits in the Museum
  • Enjoy a relaxing time at their 15,000-square-foot garden
  • Your kids can enjoy education art workshops

Recommended Ages for kids

12 years and above

Shoreline Village

Another family thing to do on Long beach is to visit the Shoreline Village.  As a waterfront dining, shopping, and entertainment center your whole family will have fun activities to do.

This entertainment village overlooks Long beach’s rainbow harbor and its location allows you to observe the beautiful sunsets

Things to do at Shoreline Village

  • Enjoy the local delicious cuisines
  • Find a perfect souvenir in their gift shops
  • You can book summer lunch cruises
  • Enjoy shoreline concerts
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunset

Recommended Ages for kids

All ages

Long Beach Museum of Art

Another Long beach attraction for families is the Long Beach Museum of Art. Although not a huge art museum, the art displays are dynamic and beautiful to enjoy. The museum began in 1950 and it displays works from California’s local artists.

Things to do at Long Beach Museum of Art

  • Explore the art pieces
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach

Recommended Ages for Kids

5 to11 years

El Dorado Nature Center

If your family is nature driven, you can enjoy some peaceful moments at El Dorado Nature Center. The beautiful plants and flowers will ensure that you enjoy nature at its best. The park’s close proximity to the San Gabriel river makes the whole experience outstanding.

Things to do at El Dorado Nature Center

  • Nature walks along the park trails
  • Enjoy the scenic view of two lakes, forested areas, a stream, and several animals.
  • At their vision center, you will find educational displays and art galleries
  • You can also visit their gift shop.

Recommended Ages for kids

All ages

Rosie’s Dog Beach

Are you wondering what is the best thing to do in long beach with a toddler? Well, you can visit Rosie’s Dog Beach.

Rosie’s Dog Beach is one of the beaches in Long beach that allows dogs. If your kids have a dog, they can visit the beach with it for some more fun. Your dog will enjoy the experience from this one kid of dog paradise as the dog leash can be removed for it to swim and play around.

Things to do at Rosie’s Dog Beach

  • Kids can freely play with their dogs
  • Enjoy the warm swim and sunbath

Recommended Ages for kids

3 years and above

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is 1.3 acres and it is a great place to relax from the busy schedules and activities of the city. of greatness to discover, the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is the best place for a relaxing journey.

Built in 1981, the garden was inspired by Japan’s Imperial garden. There are several things that your kids will enjoy in this garden

Things to do at Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

  • See the informative displays
  • Enjoy the Zen garden
  • Nature walks
  • Kids can feed the koi, in Koi pond
  • Visit the Tea house
  • You can have a picnic

Recommended Ages for kids

All ages

Kidz Town indoor Playground

Kids town creates fun family activities on the long beach. The place has more exciting activities for your kids to burn off the energy in a good way.

Things to do in Kidz Town indoor Playground

  • Younger kids enjoy the toddler-only zone,
  • Climb race track
  • Enjoy the slides

Recommended Ages for kids

All ages

Conclusion: Things to do in Long Beach with Kids

The above family activities in Long beach will ensure that your holiday or vacation is full of fun things to do. As you prepare to visit this remarkable beach in California, you can bet there is a lot to enjoy. You may not be able to exhaust all the activities if your vacation is short, so ensure you choose some of the best-listed activities