Things to Do in Panama City Beach with Kids

Things to Do in Panama City Beach with Kids: The vacation season is here, this time around you and your family have decided to go to Panama. Every plan is in order and everything is set for your vacation. One thing is still lingering in your mind, what are some of the activities that will do in Panama together with my kids? A vacation with kids requires you to have a number of activities so as to make their holiday interesting and more memorable.

As a popular destination for more than 4.5 million travelers Panama has numerous activities that you participate in with your kids. If you have a toddler, a teenager, or mature kids you can be assured you will have plenty of activities to be involved in.

This page has outlined several activities that you engage in while on your vacation trip to Panama.

You will be amazed at what to do in Panama city beach. There are countless family things to do in Panama city beach. Find things to do in Panama city with kids or family.

Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach with Kids

Relax on Panama City Beach

One of the cheapest and most refreshing things you can do is relax on the Panama City beach. The beaches in these areas are considered to be some of the best in the world. Let your kids play with the quartz sand from the Appalachian Mountains.

To build memories for your kids, more so the younger ones you can have them play treasure hunt, fly kites, build sandcastles, swim in the Gulf, etc. For the older kids, they can play games like volleyball tug of war, racing, beach ball relay, etc.

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Shipwreck Island Waterpark

As a tropical-themed waterpark, Shipwreck Island Waterpark is one of the best places where you find some of the best activities for you and your family. As one of the best-ranked waterparks, the park is a must-visit for you and your family.

They have an extensive area with a shallow pool for little kids. For older kids, they can take part in the pirate plunge racing slide, Tree Top Drop, the Raging Rapids, and the Free fall. With no doubt, this is the best place for the spill, thrill, grill, and the chill.

Gulf World Marine Park

Once you have done relaxing on the beach you can visit, Gulf World Marine Park. Kids from different places always find the activities in the park enjoyable.  One of the outstanding activities that you can make a reservation for is swimming with the dolphins. You and your family will be allowed to dive into the park’s dolphin territory and experience a swim with the dolphins.

There are also live shows in this marine park. At a one-off fee, you and your family will be able to enjoy shows featuring animals like sea lions, dolphins, birds, etc. There’s also a stingray petting pool, and you can get in on the fun of feeding the stingrays at Stingray Bay.

At Gulf World Marine Park, you can also get a Gulf World trainer for a day program that gives you a full-day program that exposes you to life and experiences in the Gulf world.

Zoo World Panama City Beach

For a family that loves interacting with animals. A visit to Zoo World Panama City Beach is a must. There are more than 260 animals from around the world. More interesting to note is that travelers have the opportunity to walk with the flamingos, pet a slot, feed the giraffes and alligators, and many more.

In addition to interacting with animals, you will also be informed about the importance of environmental conservation as well as a measure that is being taken to conserve the endangered species.

SkyWheel Panama City Beach

At SkyWheel Panama City Beach you will have a memorable experience with high-flying activities. This is more suitable if you have older kids or kids who are not afraid of height.  SkyWheel Panama City Beach has a captivating zip line, a sky wheel observation wheel, a SkyTykes rope, and the sky trail.

Their Skywheel, which is a 53-meter-high, has 30 gondolas that can hold up to 6 adults.  The wheel allows you to have a scenic view of the area.

Splash Resort

Another best place to visit in Panama City Beach is Splash Resort. The activities you will find in this resort will surely live you and your kids happy and even have memorable moments. As an ideal place for both young and old kids, you have no reason not to visit the resort.

To fully entertain the kids, they have children’s friendly water cannons, play pools with water slides, dive-in movie theater, a Lil tot splash pad, cool water toys, and many more. For the more mature kids, they can swim in both indoor and outdoor pools, enjoy the splash and visit the gym, etc.

To top it all, Splash Resort has an adult-only pool and a Jacuzzi with a bird’s eye view of the kids’ play area.  Their state-of-the-art gym overlooks the pool and last river. Additionally, you can find a poolside bar and grill, on-site beach apparel plus a surf shop.

Accessing Pier park while at Splash resort is easy, there is a superb front beach road leading you to the park.

Coconut Creek Family Fun Park

Once you visit Coconut Creek Family Fun Park, you will have the real experience of fun. Kids of all ages enjoy their visit to this fun park because what they offer cannot be found in many places. They have an 18-hole mini-golf course that will leave your family delighted. Their football-field-sized maze is famous to many and it will challenge your navigational skills.

Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise

Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise offers 2 hours of family pirates activities. You read it right! Family pirates’ activities. If you are wondering which type of activities are, they include kids’ friendly sword fight, learning how to locate a sunken treasure from a map, sharing the hard discovered loot from the treasure hunt, pirate dance party, and playing with water gunfights, great music, etc.

For additional laughter and smile for his guest, Captain “Fearless” and his crew of sea dogs knows the perfect way to make the trip enjoyable.

Conclusion: Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach with Kids

From the above list of activities that you can do in Panama City Beach, one can clearly note that there is so much fun awaiting all the travelers visiting the area. From Pirates cruise to a mini gold course for kids, 53 meters high sky wheel, a swim in the heated Jacuzzi, ball games, and many more. In Panama City Beach you cannot exhaust all the activities prepared for guests visiting the region. In fact, in most cases, the vacation will end even before you do most of the activities. With these activities, your family will certainly enjoy their vacation!