Awesome Treehouse Rentals in New York to Spend the Night in

Treehouse Rentals in New York: Searching for fancy tree houses to stay in New York? Then you have come to the right place. We have found some unique Treehouse Rentals in New York that are perfect for a vacation getaway.

Tree house vacation rental in New York is slowly becoming popular. The experience is just magical and satisfying. If you want to spend your vacation or a weekend getaway, there are a number of New York treehouses to book.

Treehouse Rentals in New York

From rustic treehouses suspended up in the woods to luxury tree houses fitted with modern amenities, New York offers some of the best treehouse rentals. Find some of the best treehouse rentals in New York below.

Willow Treehouse New York – Secluded, Unique, Romantic

Willow Treehouse New York is set in a secluded area among the trees overlooking a small pond. The tree house is located 15 minutes from the town of Woodstock.

Willow treehouse Willow NY is designed to make your stay comfortable; it features a separate space for writing a novel, chilling, or even enjoying the view. It features everything you need to make your stay comfortable.

The sleeping loft at the willow tree treehouse is accessible through a ladder; therefore it is encouraged to carry lightweight if you need to carry it up to your sleeping area.

Willow treehouse is an ideal place for solo adventurers and couples.

The guests have access to the pond which is shared with the main house. The Hot tub at the willow tree house is heated with firewood.

More about Willow treehouse

  • Located on 34 acres of property
  • Features a shared pond with the main house
  • It is not far away from the town of Woodstock in the state of New York
  • Offers spectacular views of the pond

Location: Willow, New York

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An Adirondack Tree House Retreat

An Adirondack Tree House Retreat is one of the best tree house rentals in Adirondacks. This treehouse is one of the most sought-after for vacations for couples who want to reconnect with nature.

Adirondacks treehouse is Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and is about 9 miles from Saratoga Springs NY, offering a serene environment for travelers.

The tree house features a winding staircase that leads to a sleeping area and a covered porch. It also features an outdoor kitchen, private parking, fire pit, hot and cold running water, a deck, refrigerator, microwave, and full bath

Adirondacks tree house is meant to offer a quiet retreat.

More about An Adirondack Tree House Retreat

  • Features a private wooded setting
  • Has a circular staircase that leads to the sleeping area
  • An electric heater and fan are included.
  • Beddings are provided

Location: Middle Grove, New York, United States

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Whispering Wind Treehouse

Whispering Wind Treehouse is a beautiful tree house tucked under a canopy of trees in Argyle, New York. The treehouse can accommodate 2 people, therefore making it a perfect romantic getaway for couples.

Whispering wind treehouse is ideal for those searching for a cozy and rustic treehouse. The experience is just amazing, listening to the whisper of the wind, as you sleep high above and watching the fireflies fly across the open field during the summer night is just beautiful.

The treehouse is designed in such a way that it connects you to the surrounding magical beauty of nature. The loft features a comfortable full-size mattress and a transparent roof. You will have a beautiful experience as you listen to the swaying of the trees above your head.

Whispering wind treehouse in New York will bring back your childhood memories as you sleep under the tree.

This Treehouse for Rental in New York is totally off the grid. There is no electricity or WIFI

More about Whispering Wind Treehouse

  • There are plenty of blankets to use during the cold season
  • Features salvaged windows
  • Designed to offer you a tree house experience
  • Features an Outdoor firepit
  • An ideal destination for people who want to enjoy nature

Location: Argyle, New York

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Mariaville Goat Farm Tree House

Mariaville Goat Farm Tree House is a rustic and elegant tree house that will enable you to love nature. The tree house offers you a secluded area on the farm where you can relax and enjoy every moment of the day.

You can opt to pass the time in the hammock or have a nap. The stairs will lead you up to your sleeping area.

Guests staying at Mariaville Goat Farm Tree House have full access to the tree house and its surroundings.

Guests are also free to explore the farm and play with all the critters or enjoy a relaxing walk along the trails in the woods!

Location: Pattersonville, New York

Ultra Luxury Treehouse – Cable Bridge and Waterfall

Ultra Luxury Treehouse is a 1200-square foot, two-story tree house with an 80′ suspension bridge and 50’ waterfall.

This treehouse takes treehouses to the next epic level of luxury. Its design is just thrilling.

The moment you walk on the suspended bridge, the ultra-luxury treehouse cable bridge and waterfall will make you feel like a kid again. The house offers spectacular views through the woods and on the other side of the valley.

More about the tree house

  • Offers a perfect spot to watch nature
  • Lake access
  • Free parking on premises
  • Private patio or balcony

Location: Adirondack, Remsen, New York, United States

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Your Nest in the Woods Treehouse

Your Nest in the Woods Treehouse is such a wonderful place for adults that will enable you to feel like a kid again as you unwind. It is an ideal place for solo travelers, a romantic getaway for couples, or get together for small groups.

This treehouse features front and back decks. It also features a sheltered picnic table, a wood fire pit propane grill, and outdoor games.

You can follow the trail down to Fish Creek water access or hang out at the deck as you enjoy the views of the surrounding areas.

The space

  • The treehouse is modern yet rustic and tucked away in the woods
  • It located near most attractions in the area
  • The tree house is Located in Oneida County
  • It can accommodate 4 guests
  • Features a comfortable seating area, a full kitchen, and a private deck.

Location: Oneida County, New York