Affordable Restaurants in Diani

Affordable Restaurants in Diani: Diani Beach is a popular tourist destination located on the south coast of Kenya, known for its pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The area is also home to a variety of restaurants that offer delicious local and international cuisine. While some restaurants in Diani can be quite pricey, there are also many affordable options that provide great food and atmosphere without breaking the bank.

From traditional Swahili dishes to western-style burgers and pizzas, there is something for everyone in Diani. Many of the affordable restaurants in the area are located right on the beach, providing stunning views of the Indian Ocean and a relaxing atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a full-course meal, the affordable restaurants in Diani offer a range of options to satisfy your cravings. So, if you’re looking to enjoy some delicious food without spending a fortune, be sure to check out some of the great affordable restaurants in Diani Beach.

Affordable Restaurants in Diani

Colobus Shade

Colobus Shade Restaurant specializes in seafood and other exquisite cuisines and has been operating for over eight years. Located on the shores of the picturesque Diani Beach in Africa, the restaurant has earned the title of the region’s top seafood restaurant by the esteemed Hoteliers Association.

At Colobus Shade Restaurant, guests can expect not only a delicious meal, but also an unforgettable dining experience thanks to the restaurant’s outstanding ambiance, exceptional service, and prime location. The restaurant prides itself on providing impeccable customer service, making every guest feel welcome and appreciated.

Colobus Shade Restaurant is also an excellent choice for special events such as birthdays, weddings, and group parties. The restaurant offers reserved services for such occasions at discounted rates, ensuring that guests can celebrate their special moments in style without breaking the bank.

Overall, Colobus Shade Restaurant is the perfect destination for seafood lovers and those looking for a memorable dining experience in the stunning surroundings of Diani Beach.


Four Twenty South Diani Beach Road), Mwaepe Fish Landing Site, Diani Beach, Ukunda

Tel: +254 724 634839

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African Pot


Diani Beach Road Entrance to Coral Beach Cottages, Ukunda 80400 Kenya

Tel: +254 722 719253

Sundowner Bar & Restaurant

Sundowner Bar & Restaurant is a popular dining and entertainment destination located in Diani Beach, Kenya. The restaurant is named after the “sundowner” tradition, which involves enjoying a drink and a snack while watching the sunset.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, including seafood, grilled meats, and vegetarian options, as well as a selection of drinks and cocktails. The menu features both international and local cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The restaurant has a casual and laid-back atmosphere, perfect for relaxing with friends and family. Guests can choose to dine indoors or outdoors, with seating options that include comfortable sofas, traditional dining tables, and beachfront tables with stunning views of the ocean.

In addition to its delicious food and drinks, Sundowner Bar & Restaurant also hosts regular live music performances and events, providing guests with a fun and entertaining experience.

Sundowner Bar & Restaurant is a great place to enjoy a delicious meal, a refreshing drink, and breathtaking views of the sunset in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.


Diani Beach road, Diani Beach, Ukunda

Tel +254 711 252198

Java House – Diani

Java House is a popular coffee shop and restaurant chain in Kenya, and there is a Java House branch located in Diani Beach. The restaurant offers a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, ranging from classic American breakfast dishes and sandwiches to African-inspired meals, pizzas, and desserts.

In addition to their food menu, Java House is also known for their high-quality coffee and tea selections, including freshly brewed coffee and espresso drinks, loose-leaf teas, and fruit smoothies.

The Diani Beach location of Java House offers a bright and modern atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating areas. The outdoor seating area is especially popular, as it allows customers to enjoy their meals and drinks in the beautiful coastal weather.

Java House is also committed to using sustainable and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The restaurant is a member of the Rainforest Alliance, which works to promote sustainable farming practices and protect the environment.

Overall, Java House in Diani Beach is a great choice for those looking for a casual and welcoming dining experience with a variety of food and drink options, including high-quality coffee and tea.


Centre Point, Diani Beach Rd, Kwale 00505 Kenya

Tel: +254 741 577313

Pita Pan Cafe

Pita Pan Cafe is a restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, located in Diani Beach, Kenya. The restaurant’s menu features a range of dishes inspired by Mediterranean flavors and cooking styles, including falafel wraps, shawarma plates, hummus, tabbouleh, and more.

Pita Pan Cafe is known for its fresh and healthy food options, with many vegetarian and vegan dishes available. The restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and all food is prepared on-site and made to order.

The restaurant has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, with both indoor and outdoor seating options. The outdoor seating area is especially popular, as it offers beautiful views of the beach and a refreshing sea breeze.

In addition to its delicious food, Pita Pan Cafe also offers a variety of drinks and desserts, including fresh juices, smoothies, and baklava.

Overall, Pita Pan Cafe is a great choice for those looking for healthy and flavorful Mediterranean cuisine in a beautiful and relaxed setting.


Diani Beach Road Diani Shopping Centre, Diani Beach,

Tel +254 757 131326



Diani Beach Road Between bazaar & Kaskazi, Diani Beach,

Tel: +254 706 030625